My Story:

Lisette hasan

I was born and raised in Chicago as a first generation American of Indonesian, Dutch, Arabic and French roots. I was also raised by my extended family in the Netherlands. From my early childhood days, I have developed an immense passion for cooking, which blossomed from learning the cooking techniques of my Dutch/Indonesian family.

Over the years, I’ve cultivated my talent for cooking various ethnic cuisines as a home cook and personal chef. Most importantly, I developed a deep understanding and appreciation of cooking the delicious exotic flavors of Indonesian food. I have joyously cooked Indonesian cuisine with my family in the Netherlands and even traveled to Indonesia to discover first hand, the complexity and levels of flavors in cooking from the heart of the motherland.

My wish is to introduce this hidden gem of cooking delicious Indonesian cuisine with you, so that you can embark on the same incredible flavor journey as I have, and help share your memorable experiences of Indonesian cooking with the world.

isette hasan

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and the most memorable few, to embark on learning the amazing cooking techniques of tantalizing Indonesian cuisine.
Impress your family and friends, showing them how delicious Indonesian food can be. the maiden's plates

My mission is to make sure Indonesian cuisine is appreciated and celebrated by the masses around the world.